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Chris Longmuir's crime novels all feature the dark side of life. The three novels in her Dundee Crime Series are police procedurals set in the Dundee of today. Night Watcher, the first in the series focuses on a stalker and a woman with revenge on her mind. Dead Wood is more of a woman in jeopardy sort of novel which features a serial killer, gangsters, drug users and pushers, and women on the game. Missing Believed Dead follows the aftermath of child abduction and is an intriguing mystery. Chris has recently published a new historical crime series, which features Dundee's first policewoman in a dark and dangerous Dundee in The Death Game, and finds her in Gretna in Devil's Porridge where she becomes involved in murder mystery complicated by spies and sabotage. Chris has also published a historical family saga and two non-fiction books and is currently working on two more crime novels.

Dead Wood was originally published by Polygon after winning the Dundee International Book Prize. All the books are published as ebooks and paperbacks, and are available from Amazon,  the Kindle Store, the Apple iBook store, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, and Smashwords.

  NightWatcher small

Night Watcher

Obsession and death! Two stalkers, one target, and a woman seeking revenge! Can DS Bill Murphy find the killer before he strikes again?   Read More

 DeadWood xtrasmall

Dead Wood

A mystery and detective story. A combination of police procedural and woman in jeopardy.  Read More

 Missing Believed Dead xtrasmall

Missing Believed Dead

Missing children! Internet predators! Dead bodies! Is Jade alive or dead? Or has she returned to wreak a terrible vengeance?  Read More

Devils Porridge small

Devil's Porridge

Murder, Mystery, and Munitions. Pioneering policewoman, Kirsty Campbell, teams up with Belgian refugee, Beatrice Jacobs, who is on a spying mission for MI5. They set out to protect a young munitionette who has witnessed the aftermath of a crime and they become embroiled with saboteurs, Irish revolutionaries, a German spy, and a killer without a conscience, in the midst of a World War 1 munitions factory.  Read More 

 DeathGame xtrasmall

The Death Game

Kirsty Campbell, former suffragette and a policewoman in Britain's newly formed Women's Police Service, returns to Dundee in 1919 to become the city's first policewoman. How will she cope?  Read More

  SaltSplashedCradle xtrasmall

A Salt Splashed Cradle

Love and betrayal in a Scottish fishing community. A nineteenth century historical saga that reflects the living conditions and morals of the ordinary fisher folk, and what happens when Belle, a glamorous outsider, marries into it.   Read More

NutsBolts Tiny

Nuts & Bolts of Self-Publishing: How to Self-Publish Ebooks and Paperbacks

Self-help guide on self-publishing. How to create accounts, format a manuscript for ebook and paperback publication, add a TOC, acquire and register an ISBN, upload and submit a book for publication, and what needs to do be done after publication. Information about costing and pricing the book, author services and outsourcing, plus a lot more. Read More

CrimeFictionIndie xtrasmall

Crime Fiction and the Indie Contribution

A nonfiction guide with sections on ebooks, ereaders, the indie author and publisher, and publishing options. The aim is to throw light on electronic publishing, and to introduce indie crime fiction to discerning readers.  Read More             Apple iBooks UK            Apple iBooks US           Kobo             Nook       





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